Writer's Block: The Walking Dead

In case of an impending zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice, and why?
My weapon of choice would be a crowbar because they don't break very easily, you don't have to worry about running out of ammo, and they can be used for things other than killing zombies, such as breaking into stores to get supplies and opening car doors. also they're light weight and easy to carry.


I'm finally starting counseling to start T! I'm so excited! my first appointment is this monday at 2:00 central time. I'm honestly really nervous about it though...

Fundraiser for a few things

first off- there's a cat in my community named Mickey, and he has next to no use of his hind legs. I want to fix this by getting him a wheelchair. I need roughly $600 to do so.

second- my friend and I are both aiming to get top surgery by jan.1st 2013, so one year from now at the latest. this would run us $6000 each, plus gas in the car for the trip to get it done, and neither one of us can currently afford to save money if we want food on the table.

third- this one's just for fun, We have a convention starting here in town called F3, and we need to raise money for it to be any fun at all. this convention so far has only a couple hundred dollars as far as I'm aware.

Tau Unity Reborn

Okay, so there's this place in Springfield MO called the GLO center (gays and lesbians of the Ozarks) and they once had a group that met every Sunday there, and while it wasn't the best in resources, it was good to let people know they weren't alone in what they were going through. Now, it has maybe two people who ever show up, and they're both older trans women. So I want to find some more trans "kids" and some older trans individuals who might be interested in helping me to restore this resource to the Springfield area. I also want to try to see if we can add more available resources, like listings to helpful sites and surgeons in the Midwest area, among other things. I'm not sure how to go about doing this, but it's a resource that I believe to be really valuable, especially if it had more people who could share their experience and resources with others. The one thing other than that is the group was always so disorganized, and never really had a goal in mind. I would like to see a new group being a bit more helpful, if you will, by having organized topics rather than just talking about whatever you feel like, regardless of whether it involves trans issues or not. For those interested in helping me out with this, just show up at GLO on Sundays around 7:00 PM.

For fear of not knowing

So I'm seriously considering getting bottom surgery, which is something I was afraid of due to a lack of feeling and sexual pleasure. Now however, I have wanted since day one of my coming out to get on hormones, get a hysterectomy (including ovary removal), and get top surgery, but I still haven't figured out if I want to keep my nipples or not, as they always hurt. :/

Anyway, I need to make a to do list and budget list, so here goes nothing:

1) get some clothing and other stuff to help look more masculine (packer, stp, new binder {mine's kinda torn up} etc. money will be an issue)

2) start working out (for real this time, no excuses, no cop outs)

3) get started with counseling to get on HRT (there's free counseling for transgender individuals here in town, I've just been too lazy to call them up for an appointment)

4) start HRT

5) get name changed and get the appropriate documents changed over (this might take a while due to money issues)

6) schedule a time to meet with a surgeon about risks involved and prices for surgery (this won't happen or some time yet)

7) get surgeries to become male (obviously not all at once)

8) change gender on documents